• 29-JUL-2020

  • Seoul

Seoul, July 29, 2020 – Genesis opened a unique standalone showroom where one can experience the entirety of the luxury automotive brand.

Located in Suji, just south of Seoul, Genesis Suji was envisioned to feature the entire Genesis lineup including examples of each model, the full color palette and every powertrain choice to maximize customer experience during 1:1 vehicle consultations. The location is adjacent to the highway so that customers can fully experience the driving performance and ADAS driving assistance functions of Genesis vehicles outside of Seoul’s congested city center.

Genesis Suji is the brand’s second standalone showroom following Genesis Gangnam which opened in January 2018. It is the largest Genesis showroom with accommodation for 40 vehicles within 4,991 square meters of floor space on four levels.

From the interior and exterior materials of the building to the vehicle display, Genesis Suji presents how customers can focus only on vehicles and how the vehicles in the showroom can stand out, capturing the essence of the brand in an architectural, experiential setting.

Genesis Suji is the third structure from a collaboration with Suh Architects, the global architectural office that previously designed Genesis Studio Hanam and Genesis Studio Sydney.

Sensual Interior and Dynamic Exterior

Genesis Suji focuses on senses and emotion for an enjoyable customer experience, incorporating the brand’s signature scent and sound and, with its well-edited interior and exterior, guides customer focus toward the vehicles themselves.

The exterior of the building features corten steel that naturally changes color, delivering the value of Genesis, which grows over time.

The interior of the 4-story exhibition hall embodies spatial beauty with a coarse exposed concrete wall which strongly contrasts with the finely-finished cars, giving the showroom a living and dynamic feeling.

The first-floor exhibition hall is designed to feature a singular display car within the grand space, piercing from the first to third floors, delivering the message that this space provides a most personalized experience for each customer. Furthermore, the open structure features a glass panel vehicle display wall. Sixteen Genesis vehicles (up to 32 for vehicle storage) are displayed within the "Car Tower."

In separate modules, each floor focuses on the Genesis product range: the second-floor highlights seven G70 luxury sport sedans, seven G80 executive sedans feature on the third floor, and the fourth-floor showcases six GV80 SUVs with three G90 flagship sedans. In a visual display of the brand’s wide-ranging color palette, each floor features an assembly of vehicle doors, arranged in a wing-like pattern, allowing customers to freely touch and move through the various exterior and interior color combinations. 

Each floor features a lounge with multi-faceted mirror arrays allowing customers to look at the car details from a different perspective. Beauty is in the details, so each space includes lounge furniture with high-quality leather and leather-wrapped door-handles throughout, so that Genesis can express its DNA and craftsmanship. 

Vehicle Handover Ceremony and Test Drive Experience

Genesis Suji is the brand’s first showroom to introduce a "Vehicle Handover Ceremony,” a client service that provides vehicle presentation, membership service and subscription guidance, and explanation of major vehicle functions by curators, making the customer's vehicle acquisition process a delightful experience. In addition, Genesis provides professional curators to accompany the customer from the moment they visit the showroom to provide a private, tailored customer experience including a detailed description of the vehicle and three test drive options: technical-, convenience- or comparison-focused. 

"Genesis Suji" is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day (closed on the first Monday of every month, New Year's Day, Lunar New Year's Day, Chuseok/Korean Thanksgiving, and the following day), and advance reservations are also available through the Genesis website ( and phone (+82-2-1522-8830).

About Genesis

As a luxury brand, the Genesis brand always strives to create the finest automobile and services for connoisseurs worldwide. Embodying its unique design language “Athletic Elegance,” Genesis has introduced its sedan lineup the G70 sport sedan, the G80 midsize luxury sedan and the flagship G90 luxury sedan. With the recently launched mid-size luxury SUV GV80, the Genesis plans to add more to its lineup. The brand was launched first in South Korea and now in the U.S., Canada, Russia, the Middle East and Australia. The Genesis brand is one of the highest-ranked brands in the automotive industry by respected, third-party experts including North American Car of the Year, Consumer Reports and J.D. Power. For more information on Genesis and its new definition of luxury, please visit at and for the latest news.