Genesis 2021 G90 SE

  • 02-DEC-2020

The flagship G90 luxury sedan will go on sale July 2nd as both a 2021 model year and as a special-edition “Stardust” model. Fifty Stardust editions will be sold in Korea only. 

The G90 tops the Genesis brand’s luxury car line-up, and is highly regarded for its cutting-edge technology, refinement and luxurious appointments. The driving conveniences will be heightened on the base model with the addition of both Genesis Adaptive Control Suspension and Intelligent Front-Lighting System as standard.

The Genesis Adaptive Control Suspension automatically adapts the stiffness of the suspension to road conditions, smoothing out unwanted vibrations for passengers. The tires also maintain better contact with the road, enhancing overall stability and safety.

In addition, Intelligent Front-Lighting System automatically dims the high-beam headlights when the system detects an oncoming vehicle. This feature is achieved by a series of individual LEDs which can turn up or dim on-demand, ensuring that other drivers are never blinded by overly bright lights.